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    roleplays what bugs you!


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    roleplays what bugs you!

    Post  Eliza on Sun May 15, 2011 3:38 pm

    One liners and godmders .Hate um. It's like seriously I just wrote 4 paraghraph post and then this guy comes in with "He walked across the street" what the eff ! You could put excitement in to it seriously! Like have him get hit by a car or ask the "bad guy " in the role play (there always is one) to sudennly start chasing him. So he is in a hurry to loose him because his life is at stake. Godmoding need . I say. More. Someone kills you with out telling you then lies about asking you. I mean I would have been happier if you had just hacked my account and sent the message then replyed. I mean really we're not in first grade anymore people, get over it! Not your character.

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