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    The small pub


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    The small pub

    Post  Eliza on Sun May 15, 2011 8:37 pm

    A Dwarven man stands behind the bar his blood red hair is matted and streaked with grey. He gives you a partly toothless grin, that turns into a grimace as he looks around. Blood and vomit cover the floor live fights burn. He seems to be barely getting enough money to pay the immense tax enforced by the law. He realizes that you are not a tax collector and his grin is restored. You wonder how he had acquired some of the more interesting pock marks and scars on his face. The cloth he called a shirt had many patches and open rips. You wonder what the original shade of off white it was.

    wine-4 gold
    rum-3 gold
    Xanthos milk-5 gold

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