pretty much jkust a small rp site just goin for teh fun of it.

    Greetings my good people


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    Greetings my good people

    Post  Eliza on Wed May 18, 2011 7:06 pm

    (put the spam all of you expected about how great I think this place is just because I made it)

    i am a physcotic, pervy, dumb, genius, who falls in love at least twice a day glances over at avatar. Crap.. its been a little over a year and a half.. I'm screwed. I am a bitch. I just have to get that out there I will not be offended if you call me out on it go a head. Ill throw it right back. I'm pretty much never in a good mood but I don't like to see other people unhappy what can I say I like to please everyone thats just how I was brought up. i will get this out there now I have a high Bull shit toleration but get to my bad side and again I am a huge bitch.Get. over. It. 'Ave a nice day lovelies!

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